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Wheels & suspensions for Panzer IV
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AFV-Club / AFV35194 / 1:35

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Conflict of Heroes: Price of Honour - Poland 19...
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September 1st, 1939. Germany invades Poland in the early morning hours. The Germans employ highly mobile massed tank formations, closely supported by mobile artillery and their air force - the Luftwaffe. The world would come to know this form of warfare as the Blitzkrieg´´. The Germans overwhelm the Polish forces and in a desperate bid to survive the Poles are ordered to mass together near the Romanian border, where they will try to hold out until their allies invade Germany from the west. But then the Soviets launch a surprise attack against the Poles from the East, cutting through their weakly defended border and fulfilling their secret pact with Germany to divide Poland between their two nations.Awakening the Bear had the Soviets overwhelming the Germans with their monster KV and T-34 tanks. Only the quick German command network and crew training allowed the Panzer tanks to sometimes tactically beat the Russians. Then we introduced the new German Tiger and Panther battle tanks with Storms of Steel. With Price of Honour, we are proud to introduce the 1939 KING OF THE BATTLEFIELD, the mighty armored cars and Panzer I and II tanks! You will feel the exhiliration as your tin cans on wheels roll in to save the day. The Price of Honour expansion game offers a totally new gaming experience to owners of AtB and SoS!´´

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Stand: 11.08.2015
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World War II: Europe, Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 239min
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Relive history as the men who experienced the most intense battles of World War II share their stories. The WWII Battle Classsics, produced as major TV specials by Lou Reda Productions, have been brilliantly adapted for this thirilling audio presentation. This is essential history, told by the eyewitness heroes who were there. World War II: Europe features full orchestration and the clamor of desperate battle. Patton: A Genius For War While the names of great WWII commanders have faded into the history books, the name ´´Patton´´ rings out with resounding force. It evokes a profane, go-for-the throat, hell-on-wheels commander whose armored columns dismembered Hitler´s ´´thousand-year-Reich´´ with matchless thunder and dash. Rommel: The Last Knight He served the cruelest monster who ever lived, yet emerged with his reputation shining. His military brilliance inflicted crushing defeats upon French, English, and American generals, who nonetheless regarded him with awe and respect. His men loved him. His enemies feared him. No one forgot him. D-Day Normandy: June 6th, 1944 The story of how close to disaster the D-Day invasion came has never been fully told. Listen to those who shared in Normandy´s longest day. David Pergrin: The Panzer Stopper The legendary heroes of the Battle of the Bulge got all the glory. It was a tiny band of unsung heroes that saved the battle, perhaps the outcome of the war, for the Allies. This is the story of David Pergrin and the kid engineers who slammed the door in Hitler´s face. Peter Tomkins: The Spy That Sparred With Hitler Peter Tompkins, a 23-year-old American spy in Nazi-oppressed Italy, operated far behind enemy lines wth a price on his head. On his own, without help or refuge, he led Italian partisans in a devastating campaign of espionage and sabotage against the occupying Nazis. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Fritz Weaver, Jack Perkins, Paul Sparer. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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